DeepLearning.AI and Coursera launch Generative AI for Everyone from AI pioneer Andrew Ng

DeepLearning AI and Coursera launch Generative AI for Everyone from AI pioneer Andrew Ng

New course follows DeepLearning.AI and Andrew’s successful AI for Everyone course

By Marni Baker Stein, Chief Content Officer, Coursera

Today, I am thrilled to announce Generative AI for Everyone from DeepLearning.AI, a new course taught by global AI leader Andrew Ng. The course is designed to help learners everywhere navigate the profound shift generative AI is bringing to the world.

McKinsey research shows that generative AI could enable automation of up to 70 percent of business activities across almost all occupations by 2030 and could add up to 4.4 trillion a year to the economy in productivity gains. This beginner-level course will help everyone, including those with a nontechnical background, gain a deeper understanding of how generative AI works and its impact on the workplace and everyday life. Professionals and business leaders will learn how to apply generative AI in their work and get ahead of the changes this technology will inevitably bring.

“Generative AI is helping many individuals work more efficiently, and also enabling businesses to deploy AI applications in days – which previously would have taken months to build. I’m excited about sharing generative AI best practices to enable many more people to take advantage of these revolutionary new capabilities.” – Andrew Ng, Founder, DeepLearning.AI

Throughout the course, learners will:

Gain expertise on how generative AI works, including what it can and can’t do.

Learn to use generative AI to help their day-to-day work and receive tips on effective prompt engineering.

Receive a framework for systematically analyzing an individual or a business’s workflow to identify promising generative AI automation and augmentation opportunities.

Understand generative AI’s impact on business and society, including its risks and responsible use.

Andrew co-founded Coursera in 2012 to help empower learners with the skills necessary to succeed in a world transformed by new technologies like AI. Today, Coursera has 136 million registered learners, and his 2019 blockbuster course AI for Everyone has more than 1 million enrollments to date.

As generative AI continues to take the world by storm, we are proud to expand our catalog of content in this domain from partners including Google Cloud, Scrimba, Vanderbilt University, and more with this new course from a renowned expert like Andrew and world-class partner like DeepLearning.AI.

Click here to enroll in Generative AI for Everyone today.

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