Introducing three new technical master’s programs from leading universities on Coursera

Introducing three new technical master’s programs from leading universities on Coursera

By Marni Baker Stein, Chief Content Officer at Coursera

The demand to earn degrees online is here to stay. University leaders say, on average, 60% of students are more interested in online learning this year than last year.

To better serve learners, we’ve expanded our degree portfolio by over 40% since last year and now offer degrees from leading universities, including Dartmouth College, Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati, and the University of California, Berkeley.

This year, we also pioneered a new degree model to make degrees on Coursera more accessible, equitable, and job-relevant, which eight programs adopted. These degrees are under $20,000, provide credit pathways, require no application, offer flexibility, and prepare learners for fast-growing jobs.

Today, I’m pleased to announce two new degrees from Northeastern University that require no application and provide pathways for learners from non-technical backgrounds and a new degree from Universidad de los Andes, which now offers four degrees on the platform.

Master of Science in Data Analytics Engineering from Northeastern University

This new program from Northeastern University, ranked among the top U.S. engineering schools, can unlock data engineering career opportunities and prepare students for advanced roles such as predictive modeling analyst, data integration engineer, and database architect. The program’s comprehensive curriculum covers modern data structures, data management, data mining, data visualization, deterministic models, and elective courses. Designed to be inclusive and built for working professionals, this $24,000 degree requires no tech background or traditional application. Instead, students who earn a B or better in two degree courses will join the full master’s program, with 25% of the program completed. To begin classes in January, enroll between November 1st and December 15, 2023.

Master of Science in Information Systems from Northeastern University

This innovative Northeastern engineering program will be a gateway for anyone, including those without a background in tech, to gain the digital, human, and business skills needed to become a digital leader. Students will study UX design, business analytics, data science, and systems development electives. This degree offers performance-based admissions and pathways to prepare students without STEM experience for success in the program. Past graduates have secured jobs at leading tech companies which include Amazon, IBM, Microsoft, and Oracle. Enrollment will open on November 1 and close December 15 for classes beginning in January 2024.

“Northeastern University, a leader in experiential learning, is introducing two online engineering programs designed to be gateways into highly-desired careers. Our programs feature performance-based pathways and cater to professional learners with or without technical backgrounds. We understand the need for learners to acquire these skills through a distinct experiential approach, ensuring they remain competitive in today’s market and prepare for the evolving landscape of the future of work,” said Arshad Saiyed, Associate Vice President for Digital Education and Innovation at Northeastern University.

Master in Engineering Management (MAGI) from Universidad de los Andes

This Spanish-language program from the best university in Colombia transforms engineering professionals into influential leaders who can leverage cutting-edge skills such as AI, data analytics, or automation to drive business transformation. The 16-course curriculum covers engineering fundamentals, essential business and leadership skills, product and process management, and several electives. Students apply their learning in rigorous capstone projects, guided by expert professors from both engineering and management schools. At the end of this two-year interdisciplinary program, graduates can solve complex problems in ever-changing environments, identify business opportunities, and develop disruptive products. Apply by November 22 to start classes in April 2024. Students who complete Uniandes’ Specialized Program in Complex Project Management Specialization may receive credit toward the degree. 

“In light of this reality, both industry and governments need leaders who are aware of technological trends and who can guide their teams to achieve business goals from a strategic perspective. MAGI presents itself as the solution to train these cutting-edge technology leaders,” said Andrés Gómez Uribe, Program Director and Professor at the Faculty of Engineering of the Universidad de los Andes.

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